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Surviving DST March 11, 2007

Posted by jfoust in General.

By and large, I noticed no major problems with the early start to Daylight Saving Time this year. I did, though, notice a few glitches:

  • I had to restart Apache and MySQL on spacetoday.net so that they loaded the updated timezone files with the new start and end dates for DST. The changes had been made some time ago, but with the high uptime of this server (165+ days), it had been a long time since either had to be restarted.
  • The alarm clock in my bedroom is designed to automatically make the change to DST based on the date. Unfortunately, the alarm clock is a couple years ago and predates the new DST rules, so it did not make the change. I had to manually move it an hour ahead (and thus will probably have to move it back an hour when April 1 comes and the clock thinks it’s now time to spring ahead.)
  • My Tivo had the wrong times for some programs on Saturday night, something a message from the company said had to do with the DST change. Everything’s fine now, but if I had heeded the program guide’s advice without question last night I would have missed the first hour of Earthstorm on the Sci-Fi Channel. This actually would have been a good thing.

None of these problems were significant, but these glitches were more than I remember from Y2K.



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