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First post… and last post (of 2006) December 31, 2006

Posted by jfoust in General.

Hi, I’m Jeff Foust. Perhaps you know me from such space-related web sites as Spacetoday.net, The Space Review, Space Politics, and Personal Spaceflight, or even the baseball-related site District of Baseball. (Sorry, I’ll stop channeling Troy McClure now.) However, I never got around to creating a personal blog until now. (I also have a personal web site, but haven’t updated it in quite some time, an oversight that I plan to fix in the near future.) This is a little bit of an experiment to see if I have anything interesting to say outside of my usual topics, as well as whether I have the time to say anything. It’s also a chance to check out WordPress.com’s blogging service; I already use WordPress for Personal Spaceflight and will probably migrate Space Politics to it some time in the near future, but was curious about their hosted service. (Any number of projects I’ve undertaken had their genesis in wanting to try out a particular tool or service…)

Have a Happy New Year!


PS: It should be obvious that this is a personal blog, but just in case, a disclaimer: the opinions expressed here represent those of the author alone, and I do not speak here for any other person, corporation, organization, or other entity. But if you like what I have to say, convenient licensing terms are available…



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